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About Trinity Heart and Vascular Group

Our Mission

Trinity Heart and Vascular Group is a cash-based, third-party-free cardiology practice, with offices in Johnson City, TN and Greeneville, TN.

Our mission is to provide excellent and comprehensive cardiovascular care at a fair price, while preserving the provider-patient relationship.

In light of that mission, we strive to glorify God in all that we do, and to treat our patients the way that we would want to be treated.

We offer outpatient cardiovascular services in a compassionate setting, and strive to create an exceptional experience from the time you set up your appointment, to the time you finish your personalized treatment plan.

We believe that the best way to achieve this goal is to remove third parties from the equation (such as insurance companies), and instead, solely focus on your cardiac health needs and the provider-patient relationship.

To learn more about our mission, you can keep scrolling to read the entire page, or you can go directly to a specific section by clicking on one in the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents

Our Core Values

As a third-party-free cardiology practice, we value:

  • Compassion: Providing excellent clinical care, which includes extended appointment times, detailed evaluations, clear diagnoses, and customized treatment plans for your cardiac health needs

  • Integrity: Restoring and honoring the provider-patient relationship, and protecting it from unnecessary interference by third parties (such as insurance companies and corporations)

  • Transparency: Providing fair-market and transparent pricing for all of the services that we provide, so that you know exactly how to budget for your cardiovascular needs

  • Respect: Promoting medical freedom and privacy, as we believe that you have the right to choose your cardiologist, and to also keep your personal health information private

We strive to achieve all of this in a way that serves our patients’ best interests. We sincerely desire to create long-term relationships with our patients, in the context of mutual trust, respect, and responsibility, which are rooted in our Christian faith.

While our Christian faith guides our practice, it doesn’t prevent us from providing the highest standard of clinical care to those who have differing beliefs. In fact, our faith compels us to care for everyone!

We welcome people from all walks of life, and are honored to form trusting relationships with all of our patients.

How We Care For You

We have high standards for patient care.

At Trinity Heart and Vascular Group, we want to deliver exceptional cardiovascular care, while treating each and every patient with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

We agree with the Christian Physicians Oath, and are committed to serving God in the way that we serve others.

In accordance with that oath, we strongly advocate for patients to be fully informed and educated in regard to their healthcare options. We want patients to have access to the knowledge and resources they need, so that they can choose the type of medical care that will allow them to thrive.

To that end, we strive to empower our patients by providing them with information that helps them obtain the best medical care possible, whether it’s at Trinity Heart and Vascular Group, or any other practice.

Your Rights as a Patient

We believe that, as a patient, you have the right:


  • To receive an evaluation, testing, and/or treatment from any medical provider whom you think is best for your medical situation.

  • To enter into a mutually beneficial agreement directly with your physician or advanced practice provider.

  • To be informed about what types of medical conditions you have, the risks and benefits of treatment for those conditions, as well as any alternative treatments that may help (i.e., you have the right to ‘informed consent’).

  • To decline any type of testing and/or medical treatment, even if your medical provider recommends it.

  • To keep your medical information private. You can limit access to your medical records, so that only select physicians and individuals (such as family members) can view that information.

  • To obtain fair-market prices for healthcare services that you need.

  • To refuse interference from a third party when it comes to your medical decisions, and to be assured that whether you choose to obtain or decline certain types of medical care, you and your medical provider will not be penalized by any third party.

At Trinity Heart and Vascular Group, we care about every aspect of your cardiovascular health.

This means that we not only care about your heart issues, but we also care about your right to choose your own healthcare, your right to obtain fair-market prices for medical services, and your right to have a meaningful, trusting relationship with your medical provider.

We’re redefining the modern approach to heart health, and are honored that you’re considering joining us on that journey. If you’ve been searching for a cardiology practice in Johnson City, TN, or the surrounding areas, we’re to help you get started.

Want to Know if We're a Good Fit for You?

If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, or are self-insured or uninsured, our practice may help you save money. If you prefer to have longer appointment times to get to know your medical provider and to thoroughly discuss your cardiac issues, we can help there too. Find out if you can specifically benefit from our practice model and our services.